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PTSD ~ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Medical Referrals Requested and I prefer to work with your Psychologist or Medical professional if you are under care~they have very specific protocols that I follow exactly, most especially NON-discussion of actual event/s ~ as especially prescribed by Veteran Out-patient guidelines.

I have a successful 'content empty' methodology for clearing, wherein NO discussion of the actual traumatic event are ever discussed in order to remain within the guidelines of hypnosis work/pastoral counsel and far away from other departments of doctoral specialty. 

True hypnosis is a powerful yet simple methodology with various techniques and sub-modalities such as NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) for immediate clear re-framing that can be done to give immediate positive beneficial results.

No one turned away for lack of funds. Weight Control or Smoking Cessation? I have a FREE Technique I can give you. If you do the Homework assignment for 30 Days, you WILL see results. There's so many wonderful techniques and tools for harnessing a greater portion of your grey matter. Let me help you help yourself.

Email or Stop by and let's talk story about how to effectively soothe, clear, put to peace the emotions attached to past events that no longer serve to be in the forefront of your mind.           (10.10.2012)


Water Seeks Its Own Level


Indeed, it's been "a long, strange journey," so if you've actually found or been referred to this page, you and I are kindred souls.  Those who I am uniquely able to help, no matter where I have been hidden, find this page and know within their heart of hearts that I am to be their journey(wo)man into the depths of their minds to facilitate finding the answers and change needed to have a happier, healthy life now!

Thank you for letting me be of service to you and the light that dwells within us all.

Now, Let us begin!

The info below has been specifically designed to help you decide if I am the facilitator for you.  There are literally thousands of Hypnotists, Hypnotherapists, Consulting Hypnotists, et cetera, all with varying educations and so-called certifications, so how does one ferret out who to consult? Go with your intuition & ask questions. Rapport is the first step in a successful Hypnosis session, whether QHHT or any other type of Hypnosis. Before or after reading this page, we'll have a chat to further determine if I am the best suited facilitator for your growth and needs.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve. I am honored.

Peace and blessings!           (7.7.2012)


You CAN, if you want too…

Ever hear that saying, “If I had a nickel for every time I [fill in blank with repetitive motion, thought, action or deed], I’d be rich!” Well, the blank here for me would be for every time I hear someone say, “Oh, I can’t be hypnotized” along with some supporting statement of why they are convinced that they can’t.

Yes, you can and, indeed, everyone does go into a hypnotic trance at least two times a day, upon waking and just before falling asleep. In fact, most people go into trance states many times a day such as when driving the same route, doing repetitive tasks, working out, playing video games or internet web surfing, knitting, cheering the favorite sports team on TV, taking your dog out for his nightly walk, et cetera, and so, when one realizes exactly WHAT a hypnotic state is, then one realizes he/she can allow themselves to have a truly deep hypnotic trance using self hypnosis or by having a Hypnotherapist facilitate that process.

Hypnosis is not a feeling of any difference in consciousness. You feel exactly like yourself at all times doing the process. You are aware, present and able to open your eyes at anytime. That’s what is so neat and empowering about it, yet, confusing to people because of their impressions from movies, media and some types of hypnotist shows.

The “committee” of people comprised of audience volunteers WANT to participate and so they are not doing anything that they do not want to do; however, Hypnotherpy and self-hypnosis for personal improvement veer into the therapeutic applications of being able to work with and program one’s own mind for positive life improvement, healing, performance enhancement and growth.

Hypnosis is powerful, easy to do and so simple that people have a hard time grasping the fact that just learning how to do it and then actually doing the simple steps each day will change their lives exactly to whatever positive outcome that they wish to achieve toward becoming perfect, whole and complete.

The smarter you are, the easier it is to allow the self to be hypnotized because you are able to listen carefully, pay close attention and follow simple instructions.

People fear hypnosis because they fear losing control, but, in fact when in the hypnotic state one is so deeply focused on listening that you can hear everything, even a pin drop, yet at the same time you are working toward a desired outcome, so you continue to pay attention and take a journey inward.

Yep, using hypnosis, you can take a journey into your own mind where peace, deep wisdom and your soul reside. Sounds deep and it is, because this is that same quiet place that the world’s sages report to find after years of solitude and reclusion; however, the mind is so powerful that when harnessed to be still, it can allow the soul to express in an instant.

People change their minds all the time: “On second thought I’ll have the [fill in blank] instead” – you can change your mind like you change your food order in an instant. Hypnosis is a quantifiable step by step path for anyone who wants to take the time to focus on positive change for themselves and ultimately for rippling positive good for all mankind, mother earth and quantumly thus, the entire universe.

We really can co-create and craft a wonderful life and a beautiful, peaceful, creative, kind, wise, energy green and efficient, healthy, universally peaceful world!

Let me teach self-hypnosis to you or your group and contact me if you’d like to change your mind about something for your greater good.

It is your divine birthright to be happy, healthy and part of a loving, kind world. As within, so it is outside of us and so you are the first step in making that happen. Once you know how to find happiness inside of your self, then that will emanate out into the world and that is how peace and understanding grow.

Happy Spring and Namaste,

Susan                (5.7.2012)


Happy Winter and all that entails!

There is a time for every season and so the winter time is a time to go inward and reflect, symbolized by how we ‘go home’ for the holidays.  Unfortunately, some can find it a lonely time without connection, which causes a lot of unnecessary depression, but hypnosis and self-hypnosis can help restore happiness and balance to this season.

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis help holiday blues or winter woes and is so simple that people just have to remember to apply it to their daily lives.  A simple hypnotic suggestion example of how one can make a step toward happiness can be achieved by using REMEMBRANCE of either that which was good in the past or that which can be achieved NOW in the present.  (All time is NOW, but that's a quantum physics side road we'll have to visit another time). 

What wonderful gift have you received?  Can you remember it and how you felt when you received it?  Sit with that memory and bask in the good feeling of that remembrance.

Now imagine a wonderful gift that you could give to another?  Loved one or complete stranger in need, imagine gifting someone with something.  How would that feel to see them light up with the joy of that gift, whatever it is be it an object or an act of kindness. Sit with that mental picture and bask in the good feeling of the thought of it.

EVERYONE can find happiness even rutted into their insulated daily lives in as simple a way as when going through the grocery store line -- let another with less items in front of you and when you get to the cashier, say, HELLO, in a genuine manner.  These little tiny steps of POSITIVE attitude change begin to sew the seeds of change within your life and thus into the world.

This truly is the way to world peace.  It’s so simple; people balk or forget to do it, but please, as you reflect this winter and prepare to defrost for then the spring again to bloom, be gentle and kind with yourself and others.  It really will begin to make a change in your life.

The Golden Rule suggests “doing unto others as you’d have done unto you.”  The Buddhist’s say to ‘make a good cause’ in the same vein that the science of physics states that “for every action there is an equal reaction.”  The Christians have a Bible verse that states: “cast your bread upon the water and receive it back ten-fold” and the Pagens stated, “What goes around, comes around.”  The more one looks carefully at the world, it is clear that simple intrinsic lessons and patterns for our well being on life’s path are imbedded in ALL cultures, religions, practices, faiths, indoctrinations, rituals, belief systems and then given their own ‘spin’ by all and above said factions.   If it separates one from himself or others, then it cannot be the truth.

Find the elements of truth. The TRUTH shall set you free.  Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are a clear and wonderful way of tapping into clearly knowing your own truth in alignment with your core self which is tied to the natural (ergo from nature) part of you as it consciously interrelates to the entire world and all within it.

It’s about freeing our minds and our selves from the emotional chains we have accumulated through our misperceptions garnered by our individual experiences; however, that soul source part of each of us tied to the “all that is” part of the universal self can be contacted, relied upon and used to make our daily corporal lives more fun, happy, exciting and fulfilling.  We cannot take without giving back, be that of the planet or ourselves in mind, body or spirit.

May Peace and Love Prevail on Earth and within each of us!      (11.11.2008)


Past Life Regression - Yep, I'm gonna "go there"

Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists have varying levels of certification from weekend courses to years of training that include other fields both in main stream and holistic modalities such as Psychology, NLP, EFT, Accupuncture, Herbology, Iridology, Astrology ad infinitum, but when Practitioners dare mix in some of the so-called meta or BEYOND physical aspects of something, then worry, fear and negativity pop up. 

Because Hypnosis is SO valid and real, including over 10,000 surgeries performed at a prominent Eastern Medical facility years ago before a strong ruling bodied association of Medicine and pharmaceutical companies took over much of the testing and publishing of wellness cures for body, mind and spirit, Hypnosis practitioners find themselves split on even the mere mention of Past life regression. 

Many hypnosis professionals shy away from even mentioning the use of past life regression because they do not wish to take away from the already accepted, but hard won Re=legitimizing that hypnosis is finally RE-attaining in being used by the main stream medical and dental community.  Surgeries used to be done with hypnosis and Freud used hypnosis, but then decided to focus his methodology in a different direction and so hypnosis wasn't as studied and written about, though, nonetheless, has been used within main stream health care. 

Dolores Cannon, one of my mentors, teacher and friend used regression for many years until one day her client did something "strange" at the time and started reporting on another lifetime.  The client's mind went there on it's own without any prompting or even belief, in the beginning, by Dolores. 

My private sessions are more and more exclusively using only regression/past life regression because of the incredible, IMMEDIATE information download, helpful realizations and thus balancing that I see occur with my clients.  I realize, more and more, the importance and relevance of regression, even if to, dare I say, ANOTHER time and space.

Christianity says that you don't have to believe in God for him to believe in you, Judaism has a saying that what is meant to be will be, and Buddhism teaches that water seeks it's own level, so I am confident that everyone finds the perfect practitioner for them, especially if one takes the time to still the inner self and just ask to be led to the person whose resonance feels like they can help you find yourself. 

Over and over again, I have seen people's minds change in an instant and that is why I believe that a one time longer session to address everything should be the norm; not that people don't want to come back sometimes for other questions or follow-up, but for the most part, once the subconscious is addressed and agrees to come on board to work with the conscious mind, VOILA, it occurs according to how it quite clearly says that it's going to take care of the issue(s).   

"Self" knows best and that's why, ultimately, I encourage clients to learn self hypnosis, meditation, focused awareness, focused intention, quantum focusing or whatever differently named, but same thought processes, so that they can use their key word to self access and find their own answers anytime that they need them.

Self counsel, self actualization and self awareness ARE attainable NOW and the methodology to get there is easier than people think and also our divine birthright.  It's that other part of our brain that we've already heard about not being used, but for whatever reason paused seeking how to access.  Hypnosis is a key to unlocking that greatness within all of us and thus, ultimately peace on earth, good will to all mankind.

I AM here to help wake you up and I hope that you'll join me on the journey inward to find the adventure of a lifetime.

Happy Summer!

Warm regards and Namaste,

Susan :) (smiley face)         (5.16.2008)


Silly Rabbit, tricks are for kids!

In order to go down the rabbit hole of hypnosis we have to look above ground first. Then you’ll better understand what you’re looking for below the surface of commonly thought of entertainment hypnosis and moving into the realm of self hypnosis and hypnosis for self empowerment, as well as, accessing the higher self and finding your true purpose for desiring to be here now.

Everyone can be hypnotized and actually often is, daily, by media in all its myriad forms, so much so, that it is EXPECTED by our society’s voracious consumption of local or entertainment events rather than global concern and unity as symbolized in the little remembered event “Hands across America” when, at the same moment in time, everyone across the country came out and held hands in unity for charity.

Twice a day, without fail, upon going to sleep and awaking, we pass through the alpha state of consciousness, the same state accessed in a hypnosis or self hypnosis session.

You are hypnotized all throughout your day. Look around you and analyze what you do and what you see/input into your brain and consciousness daily (think TV, crackberry, cell phone, mp3 player, billboards, radio, sport events, movies, et cetera).

If you watch TV, participate routinely in sports or other physical activity, search the internet, work doing a repetitive task, meditate or do anything in a state requiring focused attention, then you are experiencing a type of hypnosis.

Oprah’s, online chat with Eckart Tolle is a great and beautiful example of a positive media event. People all across the world sat in silence at the same time. Just imagine, as John Lennon once sang, if we all focused on just being in the moment to just be rather than do or act or rebel or fight or lobby or anything other than receive from within that which emanates from our heart of hearts and connects us to the all that is.

It is still a little known common fact of hypnosis that the smarter you are, the easier it actually is to be hypnotized and to learn to hypnotize yourself for your greater good!

In truth, only very low intelligence quotient or brain activity deficient individuals are not hypnotizable because of their incapacity to listen and follow simple instructions.

If you’ve ever walked or talked in your sleep, then you are automatically a prime candidate for being able to go into deep and profound hypnosis; thereby insuring even greater immediate success with using even the simplest of hypnosis and self hypnosis techniques.

There is no mystery to hypnosis, it’s just so simple that people have a hard time understanding how something so easy to access and do can work so profoundly.  We are a country raised to think “no pain, no gain” or “the harder it is to achieve, the greater it must be” and, truth be told, these are misguided and antiquated conceptions created by an outdated and limited belief system.

For centuries, throughout many cultures great and small, a theme has tried to cry out to mankind that all the answers are WITHIN, but everyone seems to have lost knowing how to do that!!

Society is in awe of the rare masters who devote their lives to service to mankind through self mastery and yet, somewhere inside ourselves, we know that our awe comes from knowing we should be doing it too!!!

We must confront our lazy natures by just simply devoting some time to inner reflection and in that inner reflection we will not only find answers and peace, but also creativity, happiness, healing and a true balancing of ourselves, our lives and then, by quantum physical extension, that ripple can pulse through the world to help make those positive transformations a global reality as well. As within, so it is outside of ourselves.

It IS that easy and I will be giving a workshop soon to teach people how easy it is to do. Within the seminar, YOU will learn self hypnosis and receive an experience of group hypnosis to work on whatever it is you want to bring into manifestation.

Schedule will be updated soon with all the details. Thanks for your patience.





A Time to begin anew ~ Smoking Cessation, Weight Control

Have you ever heard it said that the average person only uses 10% of their brain's capabilities?

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are two methods toward access and use the rest of the brain.

In following the philosophy that one can feed a man a fish and he can eat for a day or one can teach a man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime, I most prefer teaching and empowering people to learn self-hypnosis. 

Self hypnosis requires some discipline, but, when practiced, actually can yield the greatest of results; however, many people really enjoy experiencing hypnosis facilitated by a Hypnotherapist because it easier and quicker method to go deeper with someone helping to guide you to where you chart you want to go and what you want to achieve using hypnosis.

Many people think of Hypnotist shows and barking like a dog or quacking like a duck, but that is a misconception because hypnosis can NEVER make a person do anything that they wouldn't be willing to do consciously and is completely different than using hypnosis for growth and change work. 

Hypnosis is not hocus pocus and has a definite methodology that once learned and practiced will always lead to positive results. 

YOU are in charge of what you want from your hypnosis session.  In the Pre-talk you establish with your practitioner the desired outcome of your visit or program depending on what it is that you are trying to achieve.        (5.4.2008)



It's going to be a wonderful year of growth and change!

I ended up hurting my knee on set, hence my delay in writing and finishing this website. 

There's been so many requests for MP3 hypnosis downloads and the retreat schedule, so please know that both are forth coming.  

An interesting side note regarding my own self-hypnosis and knee injury.  I did such a good job eliminating the pain with hypnosis that I was not aware of having torn my miniscus, so I am consciously having to remind myself to allow important pain to stay and it has renewed my deepest belief that we have everything we need inside us, not only for pain control, but peace and happiness within as well!

Thank you all for the notes and input.  More info and details soon.

Let's make this a Peaceful New Year remembering that Peace begins within.


Susan :)          (1.29.2008)


What's Up?! 

I receive a lot of emails asking what's up with this website and where's more info about The Hypno Spa and the store.

I am still spliting my time between Hollywood as a Script Supervisor and my passion helping folks learn the benefits of hypnosis; and so am currently working on a Western for Hallmark called THE PLEDGE starring Luke Perry, C. Thomas Howell, Kim Coates, & Francesco Quinn.

There are seminars being planned for 2008 including a seminar on Hypno-Beginning and Self Hypnosis.

Thank you for your interest, emails and enthusiasm. I look forward to our 2008 schedule of events, meeting, and growth together through hypnosis.

This will serve as a blog page until I get the blog up and running.

I am Thankful for all of you. Happy Thanksgiving and Warm regards,

Susan :)              (11.24.07)