Susan Bambara, CCHT - The Hypno Spa: A Retreat for the Mind


       The class I took with Susan has lots of residual affects. Interesting how I "forget" the actual words in the sessions, but then at the moment I am tempted to have something less than healthy, the intention statement pops in. Well, my body thanks you--lighter and fitting into size 8 again. ~ M.D., Kapoho


     Working with Susan enabled me to get to the bottom of a lingering issue in my career that was rooted in an early childhood trauma.  Her compassionate presence, intuition, insight and skill as a hypnotherapist helped me shift this pattern to resolve it. “EK” Certified Hypnotherapist - Palo Alto, CA


      Receiving hypnotherapy from Susan has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. She has an incredible intuitive ability to take you just where you need to go in your healing and supports you in the most gentle and loving way. I am so grateful for these experiences. They have made an enormous difference in my life. "SM" Chicago, IL



Aloha, I had amazing insights after your class. Thank you so much for sharing your gift! ~ Angela K., Hawaiian Paradise Park


Thanks, Susan!...I'm still using the hypnotherapy we did and getting results.  I'm beginning to experience a more positive outlook and keeping depression managed and minimized.

"GG" - Long Beach, CA 



...I spoke publicly on Thursday before 250 people and had NO tears or quivering chin!  I paused to breathe and took my time...I was and am successful!

My husband is now a true believer and wishes to seek your healing services...

"IB" - Chino Hills, CA



     Thanks for sharing your world which to me has all the positive and very little doubt or fears.

“LW” – San Francisco, CA



     Thank you so much for guiding me back to rescue myself from the tainted slide show – that memory is forever changed in my heart and in my mind and that’s so powerful!

“S” – Heartland, USA