Susan Bambara, CCHT - The Hypno Spa: A Retreat for the Mind


     Hypnosis is not a state of sleep, but is a natural state of mind that can produce extraordinary levels of relaxation for mind, body and emotions.
     We are in a natural state of hypnosis or focused attention at least two times a day: when we are about to fall asleep and when we first awaken in the morning, as well as, many times during our day including when listening to music we like, watching TV, participating in sports, focused on a repetitive task or even when driving a monotonous or familiar road.
     If you've ever eaten a whole bag of chips or tub of ice cream while intently watching a great show and then, at the end, wondered how you ate all that, or, if you've driven late at night on a long journey only to realize you've just missed your turn off because it came up so quickly, then you've had a hypnotic experience. 
     Accessing and utilizing the power of one's inner resources are the principles and theories upon which hypnotherapy is based.
     Hypnosis can transcend the critical/analytical level of mind and facilitate the acceptance of suggestions, directions and instructions desired by the Client.
     The therapeutic use of Hypnosis can also elicit information and insights from the inner mind.
     With the goal to achieve effective and lasting results, the hypnotherapist utilizes interviews, discussion and hypnotic methods for dealing with underlying issues whenever appropriate.


     A Hypnotherapist's work is Client-centered.  Services provided utilize induction of hypnosis, methods and principles used to help clients discover their inner creative abilities to develop positive thinking, feeling, and to transform undesirable habits and behavior patterns.
     Therapeutic goals are to achieve freedom from restrictive thought and belief systems, to assist in solving personal problems, developing motivation and achieving goals. 
     Clients may be taught the use of self-hypnotic techniques to assist in achieving goals and resolving issues that have been mutually agreed upon by Client and Hypnotherapist.
     Services to be provided do not include the practice of medicine because a Hypnotherapist is not a licensed physician.      
     These services are non-diagnostic, complementary to the healing arts services that are licensed by the state and some client issues may require a doctor's referral.