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Holistic Approach

It’s often said that the past holds the key to unlock our future. If the wisdom learned from past experiences can guide us on our way, imagine what we could learn if we could tap into the accumulated experience of many lifetimes. Big Island residents will have the opportunity to find out at a Group Past Life Regression ~ Fun Inner Adventure with Certified Hypnotherapist Susan Bambara on Saturday, June 22, from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Kupukupu Center in Pahoa.

Bambara offers the unique chance to check out hypnosis in a group session, a very safe and enjoyable gathering for newcomers to this type of process. Hypnosis puts participants into a deep state of relaxation that can calm thoughts, explains Bambara, allowing people to tap into the power of their subconscious mind and access the power of one’s inner resources.

During the past life adventure, Bambara will explain how hypnosis works and what past life regression is all about. Then, she’ll guide the group into an easy, light trance through a series of simple processes. “It doesn’t really ‘feel’ like anything as much as it helps participants to relax and to allow their subconscious minds to send them a message,” she says.

When Bambara asks questions to those under hypnosis, the answer may come in the form of symbols, pictures, thoughts, impressions, and even entire vignettes or ideas. Some people will see memories, some will feel information, while still others will hear an inner voice. No matter how the message or memory comes through, it may offer a deeper understanding of who a person is and why they are here. They also may help heal a pattern in present life relationships and emotional or physical problems that originated in a past life.

After each process or short exercise, the participants will write down all their thoughts before speaking to anyone. At the end of the group session, there will be a brief discussion and those who wish to share their experiences can do so.

One recent participant said, “I had such an amazing experience during Susan’s group hypnosis. I thoroughly enjoyed the ease at which she took me places inside my own expansive memories and thoughts. It was my first hypnosis session and I’m excited to do more. I really enjoyed the group environment as well. It was so nice to share each other’s experiences and thoughts and feelings afterward… although never any pressure to do so.”

Another person who experienced both a personal session of past life regression as well as a group session, found them both beneficial. “Naturally, the group was not as deeply personal, but still brought up images and new perspective, and it was also interesting to share and hear the other participants’ experiences,” she reported. “Susan is an empathetic, loving, and perceptive hypnotist, and she speaks in a gently soothing way that helps to put one at ease and guide you to places you may have never been before.”

Bambara also offers private hypnosis sessions where she can more personally guide individuals as they report what they’re seeing as they go into a past life regression. But this beginning group experience offers attendees a chance to experience past life regression for the low cost of $15, and determine whether they’d like to pursue this type of therapeutic work further.

Attendees are asked to bring a notebook, pen and pillow; yoga mats are available.

For more details or to arrange for a private consultation, see or call (818) 800-4414.



Create positive life changes with hypnosis

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Holistic Approach

By Diane Koerner

If you’d like assistance in releasing old patterns or bad habits, want to tap into mind-body healing, or to deepen your intuition and creativity, consider hypnosis. How does hypnosis work, and how does it facilitate positive life changes?

First of all, clinical hypnosis is NOT at all like stage hypnosis, explains Susan Bambara, CHt, in her free “Intro to Hypnosis” sessions, held two Saturday afternoons a month at Kupukupu Center in Pahoa.

“People have asked me if I am going to make them act like a chicken,” said Bambara. “Of course not. Hypnosis simply puts you into a deep state of relaxation that can calm your thoughts and tap into the power of your subconscious mind.”

For instance, if you want to quit smoking or lose weight, hypnosis techniques are very effective for breaking negative patterns. In fact, during her free introduction, Bambara offers a simple self-hypnosis technique that anyone can use for 30 days to achieve lasting results in these areas.

“If you do the homework assignment, you will quit smoking and/or find your eating habits begin to change by the thirtieth day,” she said.

For even more difficult problems, hypnosis can help you access and utilize the power of your inner resources. Bambara says she had dramatic success with a stage IV cancer patient who used hypnosis to get through chemotherapy and radiation without nausea, and later to adopt the optimum health regimen to recover.

Another of Bambara’s clients wanted to run for public office, but had a fear of public speaking.

“This person would feel quite emotional and out of control at the slightest idea of speaking in front of people,” she said. “But after hypnosis, she achieved full success.”

Hypnosis can also put you in touch with your inner knowing and higher self. Like meditation, hypnosis relaxes and quiets the conscious mind, so you can access the wisdom within.

In private sessions, the goals may be to achieve freedom from restrictive thoughts, to assist in solving personal problems, to develop motivation, or to enhance performance, like perfecting a golf swing. Bambara often facilitates past-life regressions, or works with a client in to relieve the root of post-traumatic stress, or PTSD.

Clients may be taught the use of self-hypnotic techniques to assist in achieving goals and resolving issues, or given a recording for daily listening.

“I have lots of tools as resources to custom help each individual,” said Bambara.

“Hypnosis helps set people free to move forward with their true desires by getting in touch with themselves through these fairly simple processes,” she explained. “I am a facilitator or bridge to help them understand how they can reconnect with what they really want to do or heal in their lives. It’s not hocus-pocus, but mind empowerment.”

Bambara will be offering free “Intro to Hypnosis” sessions at Kupukupu Center, Saturday, Oct. 13 and 20, at 1:30 p.m., and twice a month in November and December as well. Check the center’s schedule at

For more information, or to schedule a private session, contact Bambara at